A step-by-step guide to lightsaber fighting with Jedi Master and Saber Legion world champion Alain Bloch

Created by a person nicknamed the Bonebreaker, a seventh-level swordsman of the Western Circle of Swordfighters, to be able to defeat his opponent on the shores of Scotland’s Loch Shiel. A circumstantial transfer for use towards opponents who wish to riposte with a slash to the shoulders.

1. Begin in “Defensive” stance: The purpose of your saber is ahead and going through your opponent, and angled at their chest. The arms are prolonged ahead however with a slight bend on the elbows. Hips are sq. to the opponent and shoulders are relaxed. The legs are barely bent along with your dominant foot ahead, the identical facet as your dominant hand. Each toes are angled outward as in case you are strolling a tightrope. In The Path of the Jedi, that is known as the “Jedi Impartial” stance.

2. Make a full circle behind the pinnacle to ship a descending lower at an angle on the opponent’s shoulder.

3. When the blade is transferring in entrance of you, make a passing step ahead.

4. If the opponent defends the assault by transferring out of distance or parries the blow and makes an attempt to ship a riposte with a shoulder lower, rapidly increase the blade excessive at an angle in order that the opponent’s blade is deflected down.

5. Make a facet step to the opponent’s susceptible facet (the alternative facet of their weapon) whereas delivering one other full circle lower to the opponent’s head. Be certain that to solely side-step when the blade is in entrance of you and might defend a blow.

6. Because the blade is about to land, pivot the again foot in order that the physique is at an indirect angle to the opponent, additional distancing your self from a counterattack.

7. Elevate the blade once more in a dangling guard to ward towards another blows.

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