The X-Men’s Most Powerful Hero Turned Herself Into A Dinosaur

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Consider it or not, the X-Males‘s Rachel Summers as soon as reworked herself… right into a literal dinosaur. Though the X-Males comics are purported to be about themes like tolerance and equality, the franchise appears to like time journey greater than another superhero franchise. Rachel Summers – or Rachel Gray, as she calls herself now – is likely one of the crazier examples.

Rachel originates from the alternate future timeline seen in “Days of Future Previous,” the place mutants and people have been locked in an apocalyptic warfare. She was the daughter of Cyclops and Phoenix on this timeline, earlier than she was ultimately blasted again to the current day, the place she understandably struggled to determine how she match into everyone’s lives. Rachel is likely one of the strongest X-Males, typically handled as an Omega Stage mutant, though present X-Males ‘Omega’ guidelines seem to have retconned that.

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Legendary X-Males author Chris Claremont returned to the franchise within the early 2000s, and he wasted no time bringing Rachel again to the group. In a single arc, “World’s Finish,” he had the X-Males confront a race of dinosaur-people known as the Hauk’ka. This historical civilization had advanced hundreds of thousands of years in the past, and a final colony of Hauk’ka survived the extinction of the dinosaurs by taking refuge within the Savage Land. They even featured mutants of their very own – together with a telepath who took management of Rachel Summers, psychically persuading her she was really a Hauk’ka who infiltrated the X-Males. With Rachel’s assist, the Hauk’ka have been in a position to beat the X-Males – after which they have been shocked to understand simply how potent this psychic gambit had been.

The Hauk’ka hadn’t reckoned on the sheer scale of Rachel’s telekinetic energy. Rachel’s unconscious thoughts started utilizing telekinesis to rewrite her biology on a genetic stage, step by step reworking herself into one of many Hauk’ka. The X-Males have been staggered at Rachel’s obvious betrayal, however shortly realized she was underneath the affect of an outdoor pressure, particularly once they noticed her biology starting to alter. Fortuitously, ultimately Rachel’s thoughts was put proper, and her unconscious started restoring her to regular. Fortunately, this was accomplished earlier than Rachel fed – the Hauk’ka are carnivorous.

Chris Claremont has at all times favored toying with themes of self-identity, and in consequence there are hanging parallels between “World’s Finish” and the extra well-known “Darkish Phoenix Saga.” The distinction, after all, is that in Jean Gray’s case the psychic Mastermind was unlocking the darkish facet of Phoenix’s nature, whereas the Hauk’ka have been creating a complete new persona. What’s extra, the “Darkish Phoenix Saga” is frankly a complete lot much less loopy within the bigger X-Males lore, given it did not contain Jean morphing right into a dinosaur.

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